THE NEWS TODAY- January 30, 2019




 Top Picture - 12 years ago on Royal Caribbean (Ship in background)

Middle Picture - The summer of 2017

Bottom Picture - 2015 Playing in a piano bar in Rochester, NY



 In Florida To Stay

(TVP)  I have been back in Florida as of November 2018 and it looks like I will be staying. I have hooked up with an excellent band called "Magic Bus" (www.facebook.com/themagicbusband). We play regularly and we are playing the music that inspired me to play all those years ago. And this is the music that informed and influenced my own sound. As for my original music, see the article below this one. Got a lot of things on the table and I have to start knocking them down. I have new video editing software so I'll be making videos again. I took about 20,000 pictures when I worked all those years on a cruise ship, so I have lots of material to use on the videos. Just another way to be creative - my favorite thing to do.

Next Projects And Plans for Upcoming Year 2019

 (TVP)  Goal for 2019- Record first project below, arrange the second, finish writing the third. That will be a productive year!. Then on to 2020.

       "Have Guitar Will Travel Vol. 2" Rehearsing these now and hope to be recording this project this summer.

      "Dead Man's Trail" A sequence of songs about a trip across the USA. After I record the above, I will be recording this in demo form first so I can work out the parts. Going to keep this simple with sparse arrangements.

       "Buddhist Monk Vs. Secret Agent"  -  this project will have three songs or pieces. Song #1 has been finished "Secret Agent". Next up "Buddhist Monk". Then the last piece which will be difficult, melding them together.

       "March Of 120 Years"  Had this project in my mind for a long time. But first things first. Got to do the above before I start this.


(TVP) Going to be making backing tracks this summer. I have always thought it's kind of phony, playing with tracks, but in this case, with my own original music, that would be me actually playing on the tracks- not some computer generating the music, and in addition, I am the one who wrote all those bass lines, string parts etc. And, I've always a real drummer play on my projects, not a drum machine. So this way, I can have the satisfaction of people hearing the songs the way they were intended to be heard. All I've got to do is go to the recording studio where I recorded them (Saxon recording in Rochester, NY), take out the rhythm guitar and lead vocal, and I'm ready to go!

OCTOBER 18TH UPDATE - When I was organizing my storage unit , I found CD's that I took home after recording to rehearse or practice while I was putting together "A Soldier's Report" and "Things To Do, Places To Go." I found many tracks  from these that I could use as backing tracks. No lead vocal etc.  Most of them do have the rhythm guitar, but that's ok. I can play along with that and and it will be even a stronger sound as it will be like double tracking (or triple tracking in some cases) the rhythm guitar.


 New Equipment

Melbourne, FL (TVP)  Tom Vincent announced today that he has bought a top of the line Bose PA System for his solo gigs. "Easy to carry, even easier to set up which saves your energy for your actual singing and playing. I love science!!!!!"


 What's Your Favorite Song To Play Tom?

Rochester, NY. (AP) Tom Vincent said in an interview today, he was always asked when playing in the piano bar, what's your favorite song to play? He said that, "I wish I had known this song before, because this is what I would have played. It's from the Dean Martin spy spoof, "Murderers Row", where he plays secret agent, Matt Helm. I was watching it a while back, and said to myself, `that's a song I should know!' For me, it is 50% serious and 50% just a joke. Well, maybe 51% serious since those last two verses are mine. I was going to go into the studio and make a live video,  but I ended up just sitting at my El Cheapo keyboard and filmed it with my El Cheapo camera and converted it to an mp3. I use my money for my real  music. So now folks, here is a real honest to goodness bachelor singing this song, instead of a married actor just playing the part." (The bells you here at the beginning is the church next door. Perfect timing!)


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